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Cash Desks Advertisement

Do you ever buy more products, than you originally planned? Your customers do exactly the same. Advertisement at the cash desks is an effective way to attract the attention of people who are currently shopping. This way the customers of the most popular shopping stores might join the group of your customers.


Poles purchase in supermarkets most of time

It is not a secret that small local shops have lost their fight with supermarkets. According to PBS Loyalty Benchmark report 94% of consumers shop in the markets. The most popular ones are Biedronka, Lidl and Tesco. As many as 84% of respondents declare that they are customers of these shops. Why? The choice is not only determined by the price of the products but also by the location and usual habits. It means that the advertisement at the cash desk will allow you to reach even 94% of your potential customers.

Advertising at the Cash Desks – why it is worth it

According to research, customers while shopping spend an avarage of 11 minutes at the supermarket.

Due to the fact that your company's advertisement is placed both in shop alleys and at the cash desks, the customer will come across it several times. Advertising at the cash desks is a particularly attractive and effective location. Why? Have you ever wondered why there are many products in this place, for example - sweets? It happens because it is a moment of waiting, inaction, when consumers make impulsive shopping decisions. A spot displayed on LED screens is a form of communication that draws the attention of potential customers more than a static advertising. And You can provide more information about your offer in an attractive form. This way the chances of your campaign’s success are actually increasing. Additionally, the cash desk is a place which every customer goes through. It means that every person paying will see your ad. Thanks to this form of promotion you will reach 36,000,000 of consumers every month. Those who make purchasing decisions ‘here and now’. And yet, they are the most valuable customers!


Your advertisement at the cash desks – create it with us

Cooperation with us means your company’s advertising, your products’ or services’ in 370 most popular stores throughout Poland, such as Tesco or Carrefour. We have 24,000 LED screens thanks to which your ad can be seen by even 36,000,000 of potential customers. We will help you at every stage of the campaign: we will advise about technical issues, such as the length of the spot and frequency of its broadcast, as well as choosing the most effective advertising format. And that’s not all! Do you know why our ads sell? Because, we can tell in a few seconds what the recipient will gain when they become your client. Check how many out of 36 million customers in these stores will throw something into your basket thanks to the advertisement at the cash desks.