Take advantage of the opportunities offered by NOWE MEDIA, make your advertising more attractive, effective and increase its range.

Rental of mobile large screens

Mobile screens are inseparable element of almost every event. The success of such event often depends on the quality of the message. This type of carrier is an excellent advertising space. Advertising on mobile screens will let you reach a very specific group of customers – both participants and guests of a particular event.


Mobile Screens – where you can use them

Mobile screens are the ones that can become a part of audiovisual setting of literally every event, such as mass events, concerts, performances, sport events or industry conferences. The use of properly selected screens and sound system and the creation of interesting presentations or live camera coverage is a guarantee of any event’s success. Our offer includes also mobile LED screens placed on the cars. This type of carrier will be perfect for outdoor events, such as galas, festivals and concerts.


Mobile screens – advertising that will reach the potential customers

Mobile screen ads are also an extremely effective advertising carriers. Every event, conference, gala, concert or festival attracts a specific audience. Therefore, if you are aware that at a particular event there will be your potential customers attending, advertising on the mobile screens will be your best investment. Information about your products or services will reach those people, who are its recipients. What’s more, both - attractive form of message and its circumstances can cause a really great interest in your offer.

Mobile screens – advertisement without borders

Mobile screens are not only advertisement at the events but also at any location of your choice, practically throughout entire city. And as you are aware, the right place is a Chance to reach the right people – your potential customers.

Advertising and mobile screens – why you should trust us

  • We offer screens of the best image quality and the best technical standard.
  • We provide professional support while selecting the right carrier (size, type, etc.).
  • We provide technical support throughout the entire cooperation, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • We also offer stage technology – acoustics and sound system, so you don’t have to worry about hiring additional subcontractors.
  • We help to create materials and most interesting graphic effects, presentations, visualizations and spots. We enable the event to be registered, to broadcast live images and create an event archive, thanks to which you will reach a wide group of receivers.

    What is the cost of mobile screen advertisement

    The cost of advertising on mobile screens depends on several factors. The first one is the length of the spot and its frequency. What also affects the price is the location of our services. If you are interested in mobile screens, advertising your company during an event or a particular location, do not hesitate to contact us.We will be pleased to discuss with you the details of the campaign.