Take advantage of the opportunities offered by NOWE MEDIA, make your advertising more attractive, effective and increase its range.

Advertising at universities – 50 universities, 230 screens, 550,000 students

Is it possible your advertisement reaches 100% of potential customers? If your target group are students or university’s staff , the answer is: yes. It is possible! Advertising at university gives you a unique opportunity to promote your brand among most desirable customers.


Advertisement at universities vs. Customer’s profile

Advertising at University will allow you to reach two target groups. The first one of them and most numerous are of course students. People in the age group 19-24. They are young people who are just entering into the best stage of their lives. They are already adults but they do not have any work or family responsibilities yet. It doesn’t mean at all that they are not active at labor market. Almost 65% of Polish students have extra occupation during their education. The money earned they invest in themselves in many various ways. The reasons why a college student takes his first job are not always financial problems. Students want to have money for small pleasures, a night out with friends, gadgets or nice clothing. This is good news for you. It means that students are a target group worth reaching with your advertising. Ads at universities are also great way for a fairly closed hermetic group to learn about your offer. Of course, we are talking about research workers at universities. For instance, advertising at science university will let you reach even narrower, specific group of customers.

Advertising at universities – why is it worth it

The promotion spot on LED screens is the University advertisement which takes into account the preferences of young people. Dynamic message, the picture that has become a modern language of benefits – this is the form of communication which is directed to people who do not recall world without internet. Moreover, this kind of message combines both information and entertainment functions. LED screens are located in strategic points of the student campus, e.g. at the entrance to the building. Thanks to this, your advertisement will be acknowledged by thousands of students and their lecturers at 52 universities in Poland’s largest cities.

Advertisement at science and other universities – create it with us

Would you like to create an effective advertisement at University? The ad to become an absolute hit? Advertisement that will let you gain new customers, but you don’t know where to start? Leave the technical issues to us. We will help you to plan the spot, which will describe your offer using your potential customers’ language. We will advise the best spot length and frequency so that its recipients can remember the key information.