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Advertising on city bike – 12,000 bicycles within agglomerations

Cities: Warszawa, Wrocław, Katowice, PoznańSzczecin, Łódź, Kalisz, Zielona Góra, Radom, Lublin, Tranów, Trójmiasto, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Chorzów, GliwiceBiałystok, Płock, Zabrze, Legnica

Do you think that nowadays it is difficult to create a remarkable advertising campaign? Are you looking for a way to reach your potential customers in an effective and original way? Do you want to be in place where your competition haven’t been at yet? The answer to all your questions is: Your advertising on city bicycles.

Advertising on city bikes vs. Customer’s profile

People using city bikes are those who care for the environment and run active lifestyle. For many of them it is a great way to avoid traffic jam. This form of transport is also used by students, tourists and even entire families. Therefore it’s mostly pleasure. They visit a city and are not dependent on busses or trams which do not always arrive on time. City bicycles are especially used by young people. The comfort of this mode of transport is significant. The cyclist can leave the bike anywhere. However they are not the only recipients of advertising. Recipients are also people passing by on the streets. For example, in Łódź which can boast of the best system of this type, one user uses this sort of transport on average of 13 times.

Advertising on city bicycles — why is it worth it

Advertising on bicycles has many benefits. Most of all it is campaign based on an image. Your potential customers will appreciate the fact that you care for environment and air quality. There are only few this kind of ecological promotions on our market. Moreover, this is non-standard form of advertising. And as you are very well aware, everything that’s new arouses interest and attracts attention. Such advertisement is placed in points where bikes are located as well as on the bikes themselves. That’s why your ad will be well visible both to the cyclists and people passing by. This way every person using the city bicycles automatically becomes your brand’s representant. Thanks to this the promotion is mobile. It gains a huge reach and still keeps reaching new recipients.

Advertisement on bikes – create it with us

We offer advertising on bicycles in major Polish cities (among others such as Łódź, Warsaw, Krakow on… bicycles and… bicycles renting points. We will help you choose the most effective type of carrier and to create a convincing and attractive communicate that will attract the attention of your potential customers.