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Advertising at the rail stations

Advertising at the rail station is a huge promotion for your brand. What other place would guarantee the information about your products or services would reach thousands of travelers? When do your potential customers have time to stop for a moment? The answer is: while they are waiting for their train or bus.

The new face of rail and travel coaches vs. advertising at the stations

Why is the advertising at rail and coach stations an effective marketing strategy for your company? It happens because these places recently went through transformation. In large Polish cities they became a symbol of modernity. This is space which is teeming with life. The travelers awaiting further move can eat at the station’s restaurant or shop in the store which is a permanent element of station’s infrastructure. The positive changes that can be observed at many Polish stations have made these facilities an attractive advertising space. What’s more, the station is not only the place of arrivals and departures anymore. It is a social space, where events, performances and outdoor city games are more often held. This gives you an opportunity to reach various target groups.

Your advertising at rai lor coach station — why i sit worth it

Travel is related to movement. The passengers are in a hurry. However, there is also time where they can stop, have a break, relax. It’s the moment just before the journey itself, in the station’s waiting room or in the queue to get the tickets. If the traveler has a change, this moment might last even up to few hours. In this case the passenger pays attention to different types of information. One of them might be your advertisement at rai lor coach station.

Thanks to various forms, we use the entire space of the station, and therefore your company’s advertisement is located in strategic places of the object, such as ticket counters, departures, next to timetable or outside the station. In case of LED screens, despite the advertising spots , they also display other important for travelers messages. This way the advertisement becomes less aggressive. The travelers receive its content just like any other information.

Rail and Coach Station Advertisement — with us you will reach new customers

Effective advertising at the rail or coach station must be most of all visible. We offer various forms of advertisement: billboards, posters and citylights videos (illuminated advertising in form of notice board). We advise the carrier and location in order to choose the best format that will be most appropriate to represent your products or services. And therefore to draw the attention of as many of your potential customers as possible. With us you will create a unique and most importantly effective advertising campaign which will increase the recognition of your brand and gain new customers.

Show yourself to your potential customers thanks to advertising at rail and coach stations! Do not hesitate to contact us. Your campaign can be ready faster than the journey from Warsaw to Wroclaw.