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Modern technologies development opens completely new possibilities for your customers. Thanks to mobile applications, they can pay, do the shopping, sell, order meals without necessity of pulling their wallets out, all done quickly and conveniently. It’s not a surprise then the technological revolution has also changed the way your potential customers travel. Mobile applications such as Uber, Bolt and FreeNow connect both drivers and passengers. Thanks to this – the first ones earn and the others can get to whichever place they need at very reasonable price. And what benefits can such applications bring to your company? Along with the development of new technologies, new forms of promotion have occurred. Uber, FreeNow or Bolt advertising is a Chance of showing up within the space which is not as worn out yet as in case of popular media. Instead of fighting for attention where thousands of companies compete, try showing up where your competition does not exist yet but your customers already do.

Uber App — what is it

The Uber App was created in order to connect drivers with people who need transport. Competitive prices, opportunity to check the price before making a decision, cashless transactions and above all convenience – means that more and more people want to travel with Uber. In Poland the Uber App is available since 2012 in the biggest cities such as Warsaw or Krakow.

Uber Ad — who is going to see it

Surely you Wonder if Uber users are your potential customers. According to statistics, the largest group of customers are people aged 25-40 yrs (74,5%). 36% of travelers earn monthly between 2,000 and 5,000 PLN, where higher earnings declare 24,6% of users. Most often people use Uber App because of night out or late coming home (65,5%). As you can see Uber users are young, active people, who like to have fun. This means they are customers searching for new solutions, products and services. Uber advertising gives you a chance to reach up to 80,000 customers on a monthly basis.

Reklama w Uber.jpg

Uber TV advertisement — how does it actually look like

Uber advertisement is displayed on tablets mounted at the seat headrests in 90? vehicles (30 each in Krakow, Warsaw and Poznan). The spot length is 30 seconds. The great advantage is that TVtaxi is not only advertisement carrier. Above all, they broadcast entertainment and information content such as news, weather, etc. It makes your advertisement become more natural. And due to the right selection, advertising material is tailored to the passengers’ interests. It increases effectiveness. Uber advertising gives you the advantage over your competition also because it is first such carrier in Poland and its popularity is still growing.

Uber Advertisement — why is it worth it

Thanks to Uber/Bolt/FreeNow advertising:

  • You reach new customers every day,
  • You promote your company where your customers are but not your competition yet,
  • Advertising effectiveness is much higher because spots are selected in terms of passengers’ needs and interests,
  • You reach people who actively search for new products and services.