Take advantage of the opportunities offered by NOWE MEDIA, make your advertising more attractive, effective and increase its range.

Advertising within public transport means a display of your campaign on LCD screens in metro, buses, trams and suburban trains.



Investing in advertisement within public transport gives you:

  • Access to thousands of passengers travelling every day using public transportation in our country;
  • high efficiency of attracting the attention of recipients, because 67% of passengers declares that during the trips they watch the programs presented on the screens;
  • the ability to choose a specific area the campaign to be showed off;
  • communication attractiveness by combining both information and entertainment content in your advertisement;
  • the ability of accurate content control of the campaign, because you can enter a lot more information into commercial than into traditional media;
  • media flexibility and a better adaptation to the needs through the rapid update or content replacement on all screens at no additional cost.


What are the benefits of cooperation with our company?

  • We offer only the highest quality network carriers and the highest technical standard.
  • We provide professional support at every stage of the campaign - from planning and media selection all the way to final report.
  • We advise how to select media, the emitting frequency and the length of the spot, in order to achieve the best results for your campaign.
  • For our customers we create the most interesting spots that effectively attract the attention of the audience and stand out from the competition.
  • With us you can have your campaign up and running even within two hours!



Warszawa: Wagony MetraStacje Metra Reklama w autobusach miejskich
Kraków: Reklama w tramwajachReklama w autobusach miejskich
Katowice/Sosnowiec/Chorzów/Bytom: Reklama w tramwajach
Wrocław: Reklama w autobusach miejskich
Łódź: Reklama w tramwajach i autobusach
Trójmiasto: Reklama w autobusachReklama w SKM
Szczecin: Reklama w tramwajachReklama w autobusach
Bydgoszcz: Reklama w autobusach
Toruń: Reklama w autobusach i tramwajach
Kielce: Reklama w autobusach
Lublin: Reklama w autobusach
Częstochowa: Reklama w tramwajach
Zielona Góra: Reklama w autobusach
Gorzów Wielkopolski: Reklama w autobusach i tramwajach
Opole: Reklama w autobusach
Nowy Sącz: Reklama w autobusach

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