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You live fast, so do your customers. Work, home responsibilities, meeting friends. Basically – we are in a constant race. Even the shortest moments of rest are extremely important. No wonder that there is more and more people who while setting off on a journey, consciously give up on their cars. Regardless of whether it is a route of few minutes to and back from work, or a journey of several hours. Why? Choosing a bus or a tram means the traveler finally has time only to himself. Even if he has another hard day at work ahead, even if in few moments he has to start running again, now, at this very moment, he doesn’t have to do absolutely anything. It doesn’t mean though the passenger will switch himself off completely. He will pay attention to things that would otherwise have escaped him completely. This is your Chance to get the attention of such person. A traveler who may soon become your customer.

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Advertising in public transport — why is it so effective

Do you know that even 67% of travelers during their journey declare to watch the program transmitted on bus or tram’s screen? It happens because in public transport the passenger gets much less stimulation than in any other situation. Following this, the traveler instinctively focuses on anything that will ‘break’ the boredom of travel. Furthermore, advertisement on LCD screens is located in such place, every passenger will be able to notice. And hence – they will get familiar with your offer. LCD screens advertisement is often treated by travelers more as an information rather than advertising.

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Advertising in public transport — why is it worth it

Advertising on buses or trams will allow you to reach thousands of passengers who travel every day using these means of transport. Perhaps in other circumstances potential customers would not notice the offer. Advertising on LCD screens is the best way to make them pay attention. The reason is obvious. Your potential customer while travelling on a bus or a tram, finally has time to see your offer. Moreover, this kind of advertisement combines both information and entertainment message which allows travelers to remember your offer better than in case of the traditional banner. Meaning that the advertising on busses or trams will increase recognition of your brand and allow you to reach new customers.

Advertising your company on public transport vehicles – create it with us

If you consider advertising on busses or trams, but you have no clue where to start – do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you at every stage of campaign. We advise on issues such as media format, spot length and broadcasts frequency. And all this to make your advertising spot interesting and persuasive, so simply – effective.

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