Take advantage of the opportunities offered by NOWE MEDIA, make your advertising more attractive, effective and increase its range.

Advertising in Shopping Centers – we reach up to 80 galleries

Every form of marketing allows to reach people at various stages of the shopping path. Some of them are only considering while the others are already determined and starting to search. As you are probably guessing, the second group is more valuable to you. Would you like to reach it? There’s a very simple way to do it – advertising in a shopping center.


Shopping Center Advertising – your brand closer to consumers

Shopping centers are not only places where your potential customers shop. The shopping mall is slowly transforming into a social and entertainment space. People keep spending more time here. Friends arrange breakfast of coffee, while teenagers will have a date. And finally during weekends whole families spend up to few hours in the malls.

Advertising? Shopping Center is your best choice

Your best target group – consumers, who are active buyers of goods and services. If they have come now with an intention of spending money, they can spend it next time with you. In order to do so though, they must get familiar with your brand and understand, why is it so worth to use your offer. In this case, the right carrier will be much helpful – LCD ad in the shopping center and original interesting message which will reach your potential customer.

Advertising & Shopping Center — benefits for your brand

LCD advertising is your chance to reach thousands of recipients who intent to purchase goods or services here and now. An advertising spot will allow you to express yourself with an image, to show what makes You outstand the competition and why is your product or service an absolute ‘must have’. Thanks to colors and Energy your ad will be noticed and no customer will walk pass it uninterested. Dynamic and persuasive message will make your spot remembered by people you can reach with your advertising communicate. Moreover, LCD advertising in shopping center is a real saving. You have the ability to control to content of the as and its replacement (seasonal perhaps), without generating additional costs.


Advertising at the shopping center – create it with us

If you start cooperation with us, your campaign will achieve a huge reach. We offer advertising in 51 largest galleries in Poland. Most importantly, your ads will be placed in top locations. The most visible and most frequented places where your potential customers are most likely to show up. In case it’s your first campaign – we will help you at every stage. We will advise what spot length will be best and the broadcast frequency, in order to get the desired effect. Meaning that we will help you to attract attention of recipients, who just might become your customers shortly. You don’t have to worry about technical issues. We only offer advertising carriers that are able to bare the strength of your ad.