Take advantage of the opportunities offered by NOWE MEDIA, make your advertising more attractive, effective and increase its range.

Advertisement at ticket machines

The days when the bus driver sold passengers tickets are over. Ticket machines these days are not only located in vehicles themselves but also at the bus / tram stops and central points of the city. This is new advertising space, not yet exploited by your competition. Advertisement at ticket machines is the best way to reach a wide group of potential customers.


Ticket machines advertisement vs. Customer’s profile

There is probably no person who did not use the ticket machines. This is the reason why choosing this form of promotion will allow you to reach thousands of people every day. Ticket vending machines advertisement is displayed 24/7. This way the spot on their screens is continously displayed to new customers. What’s more, at different times of the day the ad will reach various target groups. For example, in the morning the receivers will be people going to work and students.


Advertisement at ticket machines – why is it worth it

The advertisement is displayed on the welcome screen while the passenger is waiting for the ticket. This will allow you to provide much more information than static advertising would do. And this means that every person purchasing will see your ad. Thanks to dynamic message that combines both image and text, advertising in ticket machines is the best way to describe your products or services using language of benefits. This way you may be 100% sure that your potential customer will meet your offer. Moreover, if these are passengers who take same route every day or buy the ticket in particular place, the brand’s recongnition will definitely increase. According to statistics we buy what we know and are aware of. It happens simply because the consumers decide about purchasing between 8th and 12th time of facing the brand.

Advertisement at ticket machines – create it with us

Thanks to cooperation with us you get access to up to 1,300 ticket vending machines located in public transport vehicles of major Polish cities:

  • 256 screens in Warsaw
  • 900 screens in vehicles and 43 screens at the bus stops
  • 67 screens in Krakow.

Except for ticket machines in vehicles themselves we also choose those that are located at heave traffic places throughout the city (such as: bus stations, shopping centers or bus stops). What’s more – we will help you with technical issues such as optimal spot length.