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Advertising in Fitness Clubs - 249 clubs, 1066 screens 

If your potential customers are people who train at the gym or personal trainers then advertising in fitness club is the best way to reach this particular target group.


Fitness clubs customers — profile

Poles spend over 4 billion PLN annually at fitness centers and gyms. Over 3 million people use the services offered by professional gyms. They are most often active not only physically but also professionally, because gym and fitness entry passes became one of the most popular employees benefits. Perhaps that’s why the people who chooses a training at the gym are those in the 25-39 age group. These are mostly residents of large cities using the services of gyms and fitness centers. More numerous group are men who prefer individual trainings. They often train all by themselves. Women on the other hand feel much better while training in a group, under the trainer’s guidance.

Advertising at the gym — what is worth promoting

Regardless the gender, the expenses related to physical activity do not end only at paying for the gym pass. Very popular are all sorts of sport gadgets, fitness clothing and nutrients that are supposed to strengthen the work out effect. For these the customers are not only people attending the gyms but also the personal trainers. You have to keep in mind that advertising at the gym not only influences people training in one particular place. The big group of receivers are also the trainers. These are people who care a lot about their appearance. They are physically active and surely care about their diet. Therefore if you offer such products or services which might be of their interest, advertising at the gyms will be an investment which will pay back sooner than you think.

Advertising & fitness club — way for effective promotion

Why is the gym or fitness club advertising so effective? First of all, the training lasts the minimum of 30 minutes up to even 2 hours. During this time people are concentrated on the training and selected advertising spots fill up their time. The screens are located in strategic places, the way that every person could see them while exercising. Moreover, because people attend the gym on a regular basis, they keep seeing your brand every time. According to statistics – the purchase occur on avarage between 7 and 12 customer’s ‘meeting’ with the brand. It means that thanks to the regular advertising you will not only increase the recognition of your brand but also and most of all – you gain new customers.

Gym and fitness club advertising – what will you gain

Thanks to cooperation with our company, your advertisement will be displayed in 190 fitness clubs and gyms in the largest Polish cities. And therefore, the information about your goods or services will reach up to 1,395 640 potential customers. The spots we release are carefully selected. We make sure that their subjects match the customers’ interests. This way you make sure the ad will reach only your potential clients. Moreover – people who train can memorize the content of message, because during training your ad is the only information that reaches them. Above all you will gain support on every stage of your campaign while cooperating with us. We will also deal with technical issues and will advise how to choose the length of the spot and the frequency of its broadcasts, so the message remains in recipient’s memory but it’s not bothering. Another advantage of working with us is flexibility – the ability to control the content of advertising as well as its replacement, without additional costs.

We are at the largest fitness networks: CityFit, FItness Platinium, Fabryka Formy, Fitness Academy, Calypso, S4, Zdrofit, Bella Line, Fit Fabric, Energy, Egurrola Fitness and many more. You can also be there.